Friday, September 24, 2010

Onion's Weekly Art Gallery 13

    Here it is! The amazingly awesome gallery that I promised all of you. I think this gallery here greatly makes up for the last gallery. Anyone that views this one shall be greatly pleased. Also, I hope this inspires Atvrcr to post his gallery of drawings soon. Now, step inside and behold!

I felt like doing something different. I never give my lolis earrings, so that turned out cool. I love her hair, and her face is nice too.

This loli is clearly in love, after reading a love letter from a loli from another class. Amazing hair, good clothes, and stylized slippers.

As Always,
~('o'~) Thanks for viewing! Comment, and visit next week! (~'o')~


Pandadice said...

whoa! did you release number 12 just to make this one seem incredible by contrast? lol. great job on this, even if there are just 2.

Onion said...

No, I stay true to the weeks. Even I myself can not explain the contrast. Also, the reason there are only 2 is because I was too sad to draw. One of my dogs, Cali, got sick and so we had to sign her over to a shelter to take care of her. T__T

Pandadice said...

that sucks man. i remember when i had to get rid of my dog.. it sucked.

CatWithABrush said...

I see that you have improved a bit since the last time I saw your pieces, good work.

Onion said...

Thank you very much.

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