Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rpg Archive - Kuro Rush!

    I'm not meaning for the blog to turn into my rpg showcase room, but I really don't have anything else to say at the moment, and posting something is better than nothing, right? :D Anyway, here is Kuro Rush! Probably my most in-depth game story-wise.

    Kuro Rush! is most likely my "closest to an actual rpg" game. It does have somewhat of a back story and it has a fun and engaging plot. You follow around Kuro, a mysterious black cat who is apparently the only cat in the world with enough strength and heart to put an end to the evil Lord Malbark. Also, I'd like to apologize in advance for the many spelling mistakes in-game. I'm usually very careful, so I'm not quite sure what happened with this game.

   Your general goal throughout the game is to collect as many army members as you can in order to defeat Lord Malbark's Fearsome Five and eventually the big guy himself. You collect army members(white cats) by entering different locations and simply talking to the cats. Some will agree to join and others will decline until a later point in the story.

   One thing you NEED to keep in mind is that more cats will appear in areas you've already visited after certain events pass. This means that, although there weren't any cats in an area before your amazing battle with one of Lord Malbark's Fearsome Five, odds are high that after the battle, there will be some cats there. So, remember to back-track.

   One thing I may need to apologize for is the way I added the army into the game. When on the world map, the only signs of your army is in a number form. However, when you enter a location, all of the cats in your army will appear near the entrance with you. You can tell they are your cats because they all move uniformly. The way to distunugish between your army cats and potential new members is to look at movement. Also, if army members are in your way, simply keep walking against them and you will pass through them.

   Sometimes it gets a bit hard to survive with the amount of army members that I've allowed you to obtain. If you ever get stuck, I have programmed in a cheat. If you press the A button during gameplay, you will be asked to agree to or decline the cheat. If you agree, you will automatically gain 10 army members. This can only be done once though.

    Battling is actually explained in-game. Just make sure that when you accept your challenge to one of the Fearsome Five that you have more army members than they have. Also, be sure to go to the tutorial.

   Apparently, I was watching Gurren Lagann and Maria Holic. Music from their OST's can be heard throughout the game.

    Lastly, Kuro Rush! is a long game. It took my sister an hour and five minutes to beat the game, while it took me forty minutes. If you ever need a break, just press the shift button to bring up the save menu.

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