Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trading Card Game~

    Well, I promised I'd post about this, so here it is xD.

    Every now and again I come across a picture or set of pictures that inspire me to create a card game. I have a younger brother and sister so I really make the games for them, and some turn out with pretty good results while others are forgotten overnight. The picture in question:

    Anyways, this particular game I ended up naming Moe-A, short for moe anthropomorphism... Straightforward enough I guess. Although I think I might've spelled it wrong in some places. Haha...

   Moe-A is played the same way as War. I usually start each player with 10 cards, and each player puts out one card at a time and the player with the more powerful card ends up taking both, and repeat. The person who runs out of cards loses.

   However there are extra rules. Obviously the little bars on the cards are the amount of power the card has, but each card has it's own attribute ranging between ground, water, flying, and spiritual. If one card has the stronger attribute, then it's attack power is doubled against the other card. Basic stuff.

   This particular card game wasn't really that popular, but I still enjoyed making it and showing it off. My one big regret is the font choice for the description on the cards... It gets very hard to read. Well, I'll take some pictures and post them in an update. Also, I'll be posting the entire card game as well as print-out sheets and such here: Tedzukuri Anime Goods


dingmajiao said...

LOL.. I read this post thinking it'll be about Weiss Schwarz..

Didnt expect it to be a trading card game u made.. Good stuff.. =D

Onion said...

:D Thanks. I have lots more, and much better looking trading card games that I've made in the past. I'll try to get those up either here if it's not too cluttered, or on Tedzukuri.

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