Friday, October 1, 2010

Look at the Amazing Atelier Rorona

Yeah I got the game on the 29th so this is late. I spent that whole day playing, and then I was busy yesterday so you get to see it today. So to make up for it I will post a bunch of pictures so go view!!

Nice box is nice. Glad I got this at Gamestop.

I like how it opens up rather than being the usual open at the top and pull things out type box. Aww I notice they decided to keep Rorona off the cover T^T

Now we shall pull out the game out from its nifty little holder. Oh what's that? An art book.

Ooh it's hardcover, way to go the extra mile NISA.

Yay it's even nicely printed. I approve.
Back of the book.

Here's the back of the box.

It uses this kind of latching system. I must admit it was a fucking bitch to get open. Maybe it was just my box but I struggled with it.

Let's open up the game now. At least the stuff inside has Rorona on it.

And finally the back of the game case.


SaiteiOni said...

i thought US version only had the sky?

Onion said...

It does, and you can see that in the pictures. Atv bought the limited edition, and so the box came with the good cover.

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