Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make Sure You Look Around!

Well.... this is embarrassing. I thought I had searched BakaBT for a particular torrent, but didn't see anything connected to it. So I decided to go to another website and just get the torrent. It started off slow and went slow the whole time. Well tonight I was going around and looking for trackers for this torrent so maybe I could get better speeds. Lo and Behold, after downloading this torrent for a week now and at 80%, I find out that BakaBT has this torrent but with a different fansub group. So I say, "Hmmm... I will download this and see if it goes any faster." When I clicked resume on the BakaBT torrent (I have torrents paused by default)... IT SHOOTS TO 150 KB/s (about 20 KB/s below my max.) Needless to say, I was pissed, so I canceled the other download and deleted the files. Now this BakaBT torrent will be done before the other torrent was supposed to be, even at 80%. Moral of the story is, DOUBLE CHECK DOUBLE CHECK DOUBLE CHECK. That is all.


MuzicFreq said...

BakaBT is epic

TS said...

If a torrent goes slow, I usually use irc but yeah, you should double check next time ;)

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