Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trading Card Game~ Kagami TCG!!

Quick Description:
    Kagami TCG was inspired by my rage when I couldn't find anywhere to buy anime trading cards that you can actually 'battle' with instead of just collecting.

    If you do download and use the cards, please comment about it.

This download contains every print page I ever made for Kagami TCG, the back print page, and a page with rules typed on it for reference. Each individual card is in .pdn format and it would be a horrible pain to upload.

Number of cards:36
Active: No (Although I could most likely easily pick this back up...)
Type: Collecting / Battling
Vintage: June 2009

Rules of Play:
    Kagami TCG is basically a fighting card game that utilizes different types of cards. There are character cards which are used to battle, and mahou cards which grant special additions and such.

Kagami TCG is very hard to explain. I made this page up previously with a list of rules on it because I knew I'd never be able to remember, so please look at it.

    Please feel free to make up your own rules for the game. Don't let my madness stop you from enjoying the cards.

    When I printed these cards, I used a special paper that was supposed to work better specifcally with inkjet printers. I really could tell the difference. After printing the pages out in a double-sided manner, I proceeded to place them in clear, flimsy card holders.

    This is just one of the total 8 sheets, not including the back. To get all of the sheets, simply go and download the zip file located at the top of the post in the downloads section.

    I actually created a graphic for these cards that acted as a sort of 'pack.'  I did this by simply printing it our and filling it with three or so cards before sealing it up with some tape before I handed them out to my brother and sister. This page is NOT included in the download, but if you really want it, you can always just copy this one.

    The pictures I used for these cards were random pictures that I found randomly through image searches. Although I must make a confession, the basic layout of the card was based on some other Japanese anime TCG layout and a I can't recall what it's name was. However rest assured, I still hand drew the card backgrounds by myself.


    No pictures at the moment. Sorry T_T

Last Comments:
     To me, this is my most thought out, most vibrant and graphically amazing trading card game I've ever made. The drawbacks are the confusing rules and the lack of cards. This is because making the cards took quite a while. Make sure you comment!

Original blog:
    Tedzukuri Anime Goods - Homemade Anime Trading Cards

Bonus Pics for Atv-Oni-Ota Only!:


dingmajiao said...

There is actually an anime batte trading card game at the moment called Weib Schwarz.

No idea if you know of it.. But I have two haruhi decks at the moment(weak one).. Too expensive to strengthen it..

But your card game looks really real and professional.. Way to go!! Maybe you should go for it go into the market.. Haha..

Anonymous said...

agreeing with guy at the top.
looks really professional. you might wanna like, sell packs on ebay or something cool like that, im like 14 almost 15 so i wont have an intrest like but if i was younger i wud definatly buy them. they look awesome good job :)

Onion said...

Thanks a lot :D

Although, sadly, I don't think I can sell them because I don't own the images T__T

Pandadice said...

14-15? mate that's the prime time to get into card games! That guy above you who's playing Weib Schwarz is like 40 or sumpin. Onion here is like 25, and he's the one making them. Do you think he'd be making them if he didn't want to play them? (Well, of course not if he was a grumpy old capitalist business man who only wanted to milk a title for cash, but he's not. He's a die-hard fan)

Bill Dickerson said...

Do you still have the pages to download for this? The MegaDownload link is dead.



Anonymous said...

Yes, I do Bill.

Here's a download link.
Just remember, I don't own any of these images, and the cards aren't meant to be sold or anything, just admired and such.


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