Friday, May 14, 2010

Onion's Weekly Art Gallery 5

  It is I, Onion, master of art!~ Anyways, I made it to the art store late in the week and bought two more of my favorite notebook, so that should hold me over for about 48 days... Since Summer break is here, I'm going to try and draw more often. Also, my sister and I are drawing a silly little random thingy that I may post later.

Anyways, here is the 5th gallery!

(Click Images to zoom in and see captions. Right click and 'open in new tab/window' to view full size.)

Sunday: 5/9/10

Monday: 5/10/10

Tuesday: 5/11/10

Wednesday: 5/12/10

Friday: 5/14/10

    That Rika pic was done in 20 minutes and I had no reference material and hahaha. Whatever. Look forward to more stuffs later.

Once again,
~('o'~) Thanks for viewing! Comment, and visit next week! (~'o')~


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