Thursday, May 13, 2010

Atvrcr's Top Ten Anime OP's (10 - 6)

Yeah I was late but I'll save the story for another time >.>
Anyways here's 10-6 (hopefully I wont kick my self for the order they are in later)

10.Strawberry Panic OP 2

9.Shuffle OP

8.Kurokami OP 2

Kurokami: The Animation OP 2

Justin Poindexter | MySpace Video

7.Moon Phase OP


Pick which opening you liked best!~


MuzicFreq said...

I didnt worry about the order I had put them in really. XD

Onion said...

It was probably a given that I'd like all of your openings since I'm pretty much in love with the site's playlist. Anyways, the onle one I didn't like is Kurokami.

Otaku Supreme said...

i actually didnt like any of them except for moon phase. the rest of them just seemed boring to me. and all of kyoani openings are the same. girl standing there with her name and her hair flapping in the wind. i mean come up with something new. lol

MuzicFreq said...

. . . * Steps away from saying anything* ="

spornax said...

Moonphase all the way for one of two possible reasons:

1) OP is meh.
2) I fucking hate shuffle.

atvrcr said...

@ Muzic: I kinda half assed it tbh, I put a little though into it, but mostly for the top 5 more than the 6-10.

@ Onion: dare you diss the Kurokami OP xD
I was gonna put the Pani Poni OP you used but decided against it at the last min and it got replaced with the Strawberry Panic one

@ Otaku: Tsk Tsk, but atleast you enjoyed the MoonPhase one. If you didn't I would have to go there and personally set your house on fire :D

@ Spornax: It's finally time for vengance!!! Now you are about to get the full fucking lube treatment because of your opinion of shuffle!!! You shall pay!!

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