Friday, May 7, 2010

Onion's Weekly Art Gallery 4

    Well, I ran out of paper in my natural color notebook, and have switched over to my only remaining notebook: a super giant white bleached notebook. Why did I buy that? I have no idea. It also made it much harder to scan the images in... Anyways, have fun!

(Click Images to zoom in and see captions. Right click and 'open in new tab/window' to view full size.)

Sunday: 5/2/10

Monday: 5/3/10

Tuesday: 5/4/10

Wednesday: 5/5/10

    Yep, my drawing power is surely, without fail going down the drain... I probably need to rest for a bit, but I'll try pushing onward for a bit longer. I need to find another notebook.

As always,
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atvrcr said...

well if you take a break make sure it's not too long. If it is you will lose it. Trust me, I recently took a year off and it's been hard to start again

Onion said...

I constantly takes month long hiatuses though O_O About 6 so far over like 3 years. But I think you're right. Maybe I can try different styles or something.

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