Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Haul for Today pt 5(on BW) / A talk About Fansubbing and the Anime Industry

Before I get into the pictures of the things I've bought over the last 6 months, I really want to tell you something that was said to me recently.

I was out with one of my friends, he is someone who is also an anime enthusiast. Well we were talking about releases coming out and what I want to buy and what I am enjoying that's airing in Japan right now. I don't hang out with him all the time (because of my college and his work) so we end up talking about alot of crap.

Anyways I was talking about how awesome Angel Beats is and that I want to buy the Mnemosyne Bluray set when it's released. Well what does he say... "You're a hypocrite man." Soo I say, "What do you mean?" He replies, "Well you are always saying that we need to support the industry yet you watch fansubs."

Ok this is true I DO in fact tell everyone that they need to buy shows they like. Yes I do watch fansubs. For me fansubs have always been a source that ultimately leads me to buying shows I ENJOY. Sure I don't buy all the shows I download, but without me having seen the fansubs first I would have never bought shows such as; Lucky Star, Haruhi, Negima!?, Higurashi etc etc. You get the point.

So before you label me a hypocrite, why don't you look at the stuff I have BOUGHT in the last 6 months.
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dingmajiao said...

I do agree with you, like many of friends who buy albums, normally they download the album from the internet, see if they like it before getting the stuff.

However, I'm more of an anime watcher as of now. I have never bought any anime DVDs online from Japan(Not getting Singapore crap versions).

Though, I do somewhat indirectly support the industry buy purchasing almost all of Hirano Aya that is available to me since I became a fan. =D

However, I admire people who buy what they like to support the anime. These people are people who are making sure that there are good quality animes being produced each seasons. (But please don't give me so much moeshit animes)

Onion said...

I wish I could hang those posters in my room T_T. I just don't have enough confidence...

atvrcr said...

>:D I don't care what others would think, I have 7 scrolls with 4 hanging, various calanders, dvd's everywhere and my manga shelf just sporting my anime love

Onion said...

That's not what I meant... I don't want any of my family members looking at something like that yuri yuri scroll of konata and Kagamin T_T

spornax said...

I can't buy wall scrolls. I'm prohibited from sticking any poster of sorts in the kitchen (a.k.a my bedroom) walls for obvious reasons.

Also, did I ever tell you how fucking hot Amaha Masane is? Goodfuckinggod, if I'd been in Witchblade I'd tap her in more ways than one.

I bought negima 25 not too long ago. I told ya I purchased it from rightstuf during that sale thing on in-stock items. Otomen would probably be my first shoujo manga that I'll own, but I'll wait for another sale on that.

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