Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Winter Theme

Well, everyone, the theme change is now pretty much complete. We're just waiting on Atvrcr to provide the final touch in the next few days. For this theme, Atvrcr proposed we went for more of a sleek look, and I tried my best to reflect that in the buttons and the simple yet calming background of falling snow. I've also added in a freaking awesome footer pic. Just scroll all the way down to see it. :D

We hope you enjoy the new Winter theme!
The old fall theme, we will never for get you!!


Anonymous said...

hehe, i like the footer!
is cute XD
- Saitei Oni knows where you live.

Anonymous said...

is it bad that i only know onion's character?
(or is atv stocking?)
- saitei baka

atvrcr said...

alright I have the main face outlines done for mascot-chan II. I have two concepts I am thinking about doing but I need your approval first.

Onion said...

Awesome! This is turning out to be the best theme yet!

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