Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes - 07

    I've got to say, I'm starting to fall in love with Nero. Her love of sweets, tomboyish demeanor, and awesomeness is winning me over. Plus, she had the best looking swimsuit. But Cordelia's insanity is still in 1st place for me.
    In this episode, the girls venture to the home of the Baskervilles where they hope to learn vital information about a certain way they may be able to retrieve their Toys.

    Coincidentally, Arsene-sama and her group is also there trying to steal the treasures of the Baskervilles. Once they see the Milky Holmes team, Arsene puts on her mizugi and lounges about the beach with everyone. Oh yes, G4 showed up too.
   The girls go into the ocean in search of some food. Nero tries fishing, but all of the things she catches seems to get stolen by birds. Cordelia and Herc both get trapped underwater, and we see a fun shot of Cordelia drowning which made me grin. Sheryl stays on the beach to collect mussels or something like that.

    The girls enter a cave once it starts to rain, and Cordelia flips out because it's dark! Unfortunately she is knocked unconscious by G4's Hirano...

    Later, Cordelia starts having delusions. But she is once again knocked unconscious.

     But she does strip, and then she strips Herc as well!! Without Cordelia's delusions, this show would be lost.

    In the end, Nero momentarily regains her Toys to save many lives and they all end up in a hot spring scenario with Cordelia feasting on a giant squid in pure insane Cordelia fashion.
    Nothing further is said about the Baskerville treasure or the special item that is supposed to help people get their Toys back. T__T


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