Thursday, October 21, 2010

Onion's Weekly Art Gallery 15

    This is going to be a bit of a lazy gallery. First of all it's 2 weeks late. It's late because I've been lazy. Normally, uploading one of my galleries takes me like 40 minutes. But this lazy gallery has only taken me about 20. Please enjoy!

Sunday 10/3/10 :

Here she is! My one and only spinning loli! Watch her spin as your eyes get dizzy with dizzy dizzyness!

Monday 10/4/10 :
Ahem... Here we have a loli with an axe. my brother seemed to like this one.

Tuesday 10/5/10 :
I drew this loli extra large. Extra large doesn't mean better, apparently.

Wednesday 10/7/10 :
And here we have it. One of my best lolis ever. This is, officially named, DIVING LOLI!!! Enjoy her presence.

As Always,
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