Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Stuff From the MUZ

Well I have finally had some money to go blow on some stuff I wanted and also I get a free $100 from chase if I make 5 purchases withing 30days of opening an account with them.. and thats what I did.

Things I got:
1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (PS3)
2. Speed Grapher Directors Cut Box Set
3. Some music for djing
4. >.>    <.< some *Ahem* personal stuff I shall not post
5. My dad got me an awesome new camera
6. Volumes 1 and 4 of Confidential Confessions.
7. Purchasing new power/reset button for PS2Slim >.> I accidentally messed it up some while modding...
8. Also a ton of hentai while I was at the con $1 per dvd... SUPER CHEAP BOXSET HENTAI

Things I have been up to:
As you all know I went to Saboten Con at the beginning of October and Im sorry to say that 98% of the pictures I took... ARE TOTAL GARBAGE. Waaaayyyyy too blurry.. moreso on my phone and the camera I had at the time also wasnt great at all.

I recently did the FreeMCBoot softmod to my PS2 and works wonderfully to play "BACKUP" copies of my games... *ahem*... yeah >.>

Also I got back into the infamous World of Warcraft and leveling my rogue for the expansion coming this December and also will be getting it thanks to my mom.(Xmas gift to me)


Onion said...

Jeez, I don't even use my Star Ocean game. I should've sold it to you for half price.

Also, we don't care about the 98% horrible pictures, let's see them!

atvrcr said...

1. When the hell did you get a ps3?
2. Good game choice
3. Glad you enjoyed Saboten
4. I've always wanted to read that manga
5. I think everyone has had that ps2 memory card at some point in their life (the yellow one)
6. Disappointment onion... disappointment.

MuzicFreq said...

I use my brother's PS2 since I live with him.
Yes that yellow one is now my modded MCboot card lol. Awesome game buuuut it's vague.

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