Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Time at Teharu

Teharu is a revolving sushi bar that you pay by plate. The cool thing is that you see them make it and it goes around the place with a belt like system. This is really cool and nice but also a pain in some cases since sometimes you see something you want but miss it so then you have to wait for it to come around.
The customer service there was nice and they were polite while our group of like 16+ tried to sit at a couple tables (Haha) it did get cramped but that was ok as long as we had some really great food coming in.
They have a wide variety of foods even some not sushi at all >.> so what I had a couple slices of cheese cake <.< But other than that they had ramune (Japanese style soda), cheesecake, sushi (Well who didn't see that coming didn't read), and an assortment of foods (I know shame on me for not remembering everything.)
They have a website... though it's not very informative lol.

This was my personal favorite which is the Sizzling Salmon. It was just cooked enough to bring out the rich flavor from the salmon and the seasoning was excellent. (Man this makes me want more)
Don't ask... I think they were called Dragon Rolls..... I cant remember. They were 'ok' but not all that great to me.
You know it. I got some cream puffs. I dunno but these are the same things you can buy at costco or somewhere like that. >.> unimpressive on that part. Oh well the other food made up for it.
To be honest I totally forgot what this was but I wanted some but couldn't afford another plate T_T
Here are the chefs busy at work putting more food out.
Here's a better look at the kitchen area and the belt system.
 And the main area of the place.
I would recommend people who are visiting Arizona to come here at least one.


spornax said...

I seem to see more of these restaurants lately. There's one right across my college with the same theme, though a bit less in food choices, it's easily made up by the dish variety.

I have not eaten a cream puff in like... six years... I should go buy some.

Onion said...

Wow that's a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. It actually seems like a great way to eat what yo want and know exactly what you're going to pay.

Probably better for a quick snack than a full-blown meal.

atvrcr said...

Dude you should come out here and go to Sushi Ring with me, $20 all you can eat, everything is made right in front of you, and is made to order. The owner is a cool guy and was like come one whats next whats next! Just egging us on to order more and more. He even got us to take some Quail Egg shots, which was surprisingly good. They had a crap load of stuff to order.

Pandadice said...

dude that'd be awesome. i am totally down for hitting up one of these places.

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