Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rainy Day: Episode 2 - Intro

    Well, I wanted to release these on a weekly basis, but after I released the first one I got lazy and went on a two day break. But, Saitei Oni worked hard to finish the coloring and inking quickly so that we could release it now. I plan to go on a weekly schedule now. Also, I forgot to mention this last time: This 4koma is read from right to left, and in a counter-clockwise fashion.
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    So, yes. Saitei Oni and I will try and get into a pattern so that we can have a weekly release every Tuesday or Thursday perhaps. Thanks for checking out the 4koma. I look forward to reading any ideas, comments, or criticisms.


SaiteiOni said...

a pattern would be good i think!

also i think i am stuffing up the colors a bit hehehe.

so i think for a while it might be slightly different colors until it is sorted out.
bear with us XD

atvrcr said...

Onion said...

Dude you rock. That's hilarious :D

Also, yay my first fanart?

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