Monday, July 19, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

The story revolves around Takumi Tsuzuki, a boy who lives with his older "sister" Otome, although the two have no blood ties between them. Otome manages a run-down confectionary store called Stray Cats. One day, Otome picks up a mysterious beautiful girl off the streets. Anime News Network
 Mayoi Neko Overrun! or, Stray Cats Overrun!
Is a very fun series to watch and is pretty much general randomness with hilarious moments that make absolutely no sense whatsoever and some ecchi moments, and who doesn't like those.
Even with it's lack of a real plot I still would recommend it to anyone really.

I actually would have to give this series an 8.5/10 
The reason is that it's pretty much just a silly story without a deep plot if much of any, but it's short only at 12 episodes +1 commentary extra going over the series.



Clephas said...

Sorry, I gave it a 4/10 because of its awful pacing and poor attempts at humor.

Onion said...

Well, now I'm torn between trying to watch it and giving up on it. Meh, I'll download episode 1 and check it out... But knowing my obsessive compulsive self, it may be very hard for me to drop another series...

MuzicFreq said...

I liked it alot
but everyone has their own tastes.

atvrcr said...

I am on Clephas' side on this one, its "humor" was pretty awful.

MuzicFreq said...

Eh oh Well
Haters gonna Hate

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