Friday, July 9, 2010

Going on Vacation

    Well, what are the odds... Otaku is on a seven month leave. Atvrcr is going on a road trip, and I'm going on vacation to Florida. Atv-Oni-Ota will temporarily become Muz-Pan lol.

   I'll be going to Florida on this Sunday at around 1:00pm and returning in like ten days I think. This is my third time going to Florida, and it will be the longest time I've been there. The only bad thing is that I've got to sleep in the same room with my family who goes to bed at 11pm while I go to sleep at around 4am every day T_T. Hopefully I can spend the few hours alone watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on my ipod if I can get it to convert correctly :D

    I don't know if I'll have a laptop with me or not, and even if I do, I don't know how much the place we're staying at charges for internet time, so it's a mystery of whether I'll be able to visit the blog or not. Until then, farewell.


Pandadice said...

ah nuts. just me and Muzic D:

lol, staying with the fam.. that'll be tough xD. but hopefully its a fun trip.

good thing i joined this blog when i got home from my summer vacation xD

i gotta come up with junk to blog about now or the place is gonna seem pretty dead >.<

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