Monday, May 3, 2010

"Otaku Talk" Episode 5 HD


atvrcr said...

Ok I have a bunch to comment about this one...

1st. Glad you liked Shana :D

2nd. Wait till they do the A-tan arc for Hayate xD

3rd. I wanna bitch about your Kanon rating, I just want to see how low we can get it to go xDD

4th. You are a bastard, I was going to do an OP/ED countdown. Guess I waited too long >.> Oh well I shall wait since I am lazy anyways

MuzicFreq said...

Damn straight. Still cooking up something =p

spornax said...

1st, Shana - no comment. We found common ground for this one.

2nd, check the chatbox. I'll still flame you, cuz I can. I'll still bitch about 5/10 and see how far you'll go. That's just how I am, and cuz I can.

Onion said...

-Lol holy crap I'm cracking up: "Stop bitching about my reviews Spornax" XD

-Yes, you need some way to move your camera better.

-You had better enjoy Shakugan no Shana. It's amazing dude.

-Cool HD mode dude.

-Finally, the idea about the Op countdown makes me want to try that too. XD

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