Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Blogs of My Past!

    Well, this is officially the longest blog I've ever participated in. I've had a lot of blogs in the past, all random and all have Failed... I've had a random blog called Kawaii Onion where I was going to attempt to write about random anime related things I did as well as do some anime reviews. Let's see...

  • Anime Content Rating System - A site dedicated to picking out every last detail that could be offensive to viewers, such as oppai, language, and pantsu.
  • Tondemonai su - Another, less fortunate, site about anime content ratings. There are probably 3 different variations of "Tondemonai" out there.
  • Tondemonaifs - Our fansub group. Name inspired by my apparent fascination with the word...
  • LolicOnion - My anime download site.
  • Lolicon Onion - my hentai site where I uploaded random doujinshi and flash games to megauplaod.
  • Oishii TCG - A site I whipped up for one of my ridiculous trading card games. This one was only collectable however, no battling of the sort.  

Theres bound to be at least 5 more related to anime, but I'm drawing a blank.


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